W H O   W E   A R E

Threadbare Theatre Workshop illuminates epics in a simple way through the magic of resourceful storytelling; laying bare our humanity so we may thread more empathy into existence.

We are committed to making theatre from scratch across the local landscape; engaging alternative spaces to foster creative partnerships within the community. Most recently, celebrating and elevating the heritage of rural places across America.

       U P    N E X T

Threadbare will be in residence at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts as a 2018 Visiting Artist.

        I N   T H E   P I P E L I N E

We are currently in workshop for The Royal Tar, a summer festival centered around an original, participatory performance; engaging Deer Isle and neighboring peninsula communities in all aspects of crafting this true story that has become legend up and down the coast of Maine.

       The Royal Tar  comes to Burnt Cove Church Community Center this September 2018. Deer Isle, Maine.

       The Royal Tar comes to Burnt Cove Church Community Center this September 2018. Deer Isle, Maine.

O U R   I N A U G U R A L   S E A S O N

Our inaugural season celebrated bold re-imaginings of ancient myth in our own backyard with original, environmental adaptations of Moby-Dick and The Waste Land. We began with or, The Whale aboard the Lehigh Valley Barge #79 in the Red Hook harbor and closed with The Waste Land under a full Hunter's moon at Smiling Hogshead Ranch-- an abandoned railroad turned urban farm in the heart of Long Island City. 

Combining the gravity of Moby-Dick with the accessibility of a live small-ensemble play, and, well, the fact that it all takes place aboard the National Registry listed Lehigh Valley Barge #79, OR, THE WHALE takes a wholly different approach to Melville’s epic... the eight person play’s soliloquies are reminiscent of Shakespeare and blend his influence into the story and the writing. The acting is commanding and open, the writing sharp and clear. All this supported by subtle and masterful sound and lighting design, creates an immersive and powerful theatre experience.
— the creator's project, VICE